Apps for Finding an Apartment When Moving Out of State

You are preparing for your move to another state, but there is so much to do. You know you need to find an apartment, but where and how? Check out these apps to make apartment hunting a little easier.


Zumper lists apartments in real-time. Once a listing is posted, you will see it in the app. Fill out applications and get notifications when new apartments get listed o Zumper. Popular cities include New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and San Francisco Get market reports, descriptions of destination attractions, neighborhoods, culture and the weather, which is especially helpful for non-locals. Listings are shown on a map, so you know where they are relative to where you need to go.

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Find what you want, quickly, with Realtor. This is the app to download if you want the lowdown on neighborhoods. Check out the map where restaurants and other businesses on Yelp are displayed. See recommendations for neighborhoods that are similar to your top picks.

Price: Free has all of the expected features, plus some unique ones. Use a feature to see the distance of apartments from your place of work. You can also just view listings that have video or 3D tours. Your apartment search just got more interesting.

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Abodo makes it your apartment search more streamlined. See where you want to live before you do with photos and other multimedia. See only verified listings, so you know that wherever you are looking is legit. Read reviews and view ratings to get the real scoop on apartments straight from previous owners.

Price: Free

New York Times Real Estate

If you are moving to New York, check out the New York Times Real Estate. There is a basic search bar to look through listings, but the real hidden gem is in the articles. Check out in-depth neighborhood guides, listings of the week and other information about living in the state, particularly around New York City. “On the Market” and “Living In” are two series that are worth a read.

Price: Free

Apartment Guide

Are you the type of person who needs to see all angles of an apartment before signing a lease? If so, Apartment Guide is for you. Use the filters to see what matches up with your requirements, browse through the photos, take a tour of the spaces and see exactly what is included in the rent. Secure your new place and have peace of mind because of Apartment Guide’s transparency.

Price: Free

Finding the right apartment will be easy once you download some of these apps. They make your search a little less stressful and a lot more interesting. Of course, once you’ve signed a lease, the next important step is finding movers. The best Austin, TX moving companies make your apartment relocation a whole lot easier. Get hunting and good luck!

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