Places Where You Can Get Free Moving Boxes in Dallas, TX

It is costly enough to move from one residence to another, so being able to save money along the way can go a long way in making sure you have enough money to start your new life in your new home. One of the best ways to save a lot of money is getting your moving boxes for free.

Here are several places where you can get free moving boxes in Dallas, TX

Getting Friendly at the Supermarket

Take a ride to the local Dallas supermarket and ask the store manager when the next delivery arrives. Ask if it is possible for you to come by and pick up the empty boxes right after the stock personnel have loaded the shelves. It is important to note the supermarket does not have the room to be storing empty boxes for customers, but if you can arrive as they are filling the shelves, they will gladly allow you to take whatever you like.

Consider getting to the aisle with diapers because these boxes are big, they are strong, and they can stack nicely in the moving truck.

Trolling Dallas Groups on Facebook

Facebook is more than a site where people are connecting with lost loves or posting pictures of what they are eating for dinner today. There are several Dallas groups where locals share information about their community. This is a great place to inquire about where to find free moving boxes, you will discover many residents who just moved will post that they have a pile of free boxes for the asking.

Be sure to troll these groups or ask for assistance, many residents will gladly point you in the right direction.

Visiting the Local Liquor Store

The local Dallas liquor store is getting deliveries all the time, and the boxes are of premium quality. Speak with the store manager about coming by after a deliver to pick up the empty boxes, and you will have hit the mother load. The boxes used to transport glass liquor bottles are not only extremely thick and padded, they have corrugated dividers within the boxes.

The liquor store boxes are great for stacking and perfect for protecting fragile items that need to be moved.

U-Haul Drop Off Service

One unique source for free boxes in Dallas is right at your local U-Haul center. All the company stores now have a drop off location where customers bring their reusable moving boxes, so that other residents can come pick them up for free.

U-Haul also has an page called U-Haul Customer Connect, which will allow anyone to easily search the Dallas area by zip code to see where free boxes are available.

As you can see, putting in just a little effort on the front end will save you quite a lot of cash in moving supplies. These are just some of the places where you can get free moving boxes in Dallas, TX with little effort.


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